Remember who you are

The Auburn Skye is a place for discussion, for exploration, for sharing-all about the journey of discovering who we are.  It’s a long journey full of joy, and discovery.  There are lessons of power and lessons of helplessness.  There are lessons of challenge and victory, and sometimes the lessons include turning your back and walking away.

Do you know who you are?  Who’s in that mirror?

I’ve spent 20 or more years trying to sort out the answer to this question and learned that I am a witch.  I’m a few other things too-“normal” things like employee, mother, community member, and all of those labels we usually reach for first.  My witchcraft is my way of being in this world, but not a religion.  I work the magic of the witch mothers.  I find whatever traces of them I can from folklore,  pieces of broken and misunderstood historical accounts, nursery rhymes, archaeological bits, and even from the records of the men who put them on trial.

Over time, I have learned to listen to their ancestral advice in the quiet.   I work the magic they direct, and that this land tells me to.  My blood comes from an old world, but my body was made on this soil.  I am a new world witch, surrounded by fresh water seas.  I’m a witch of the oak trees, and the singing frogs and the great lake rolling forever to the glacier carved dunes.

I make my own magic, as you must make yours.  Your magic is worthy and will find no judgment here. There will be no rules, nor redes, or titles or lists of magical credentials.  All I’m going to give you is my genuine self, for better or worse.  As we go along, I’ll share my thoughts and hope they will be of some use to you.

From time to time, I will offer mini-classes in finding your own magic.  You can think of them as road maps along your journey.  As we go along, there will be more tools for your toolkit.  Follow the blog to keep up with announcements or offerings.

I hope you’ll join me on the road.  Remember that the jewels are tucked in among the shadows.  Bring a flashlight.